Best Places To Share Your Content


Content is such a valuable part of SEO, many would even say it is king. So you must ensure that every piece of content you create is highly engaging and encourages a user to take the desired action.

As well as writing content for your own website, you also should think about writing content to give to other websites, in order to gain backlinks. Backlinks form part of off page SEO and it is critical to your success.

Google see backlinks as sort of a referral. The more backlinks you gain from high quality sources that compliment your brand the better. But if you are a small or new website you can’t just sit around and wait for other websites to find yours and give you a backlink – you need to do the grunt work yourself.

By sharing your content on other sites you are spreading the word of your business while also getting a valuable backlink that will help to improve the work your SEO Sydney firm does in the long run. By having your content (and link) in more places it also increases your chance of having more traffic on your site.

So have a look below at some of the best places to share your content:


1. Medium

Probably one of the most commonly used places for businesses to share there content. This site allows you to republish a blog from your own site onto theirs. It is a good idea to just include the first paragraph of your content and then have a click here link sending users to your site to read the rest of the article.


2. LinkedIn

social media sites

Social media in general is a great place to share your content and boost your following, but it does require a bit of work, so you will need to be prepared for that. The type of social media platforms you choose to be on will differ depending on your target audience.

LinkedIn is a great place to share articles, if this is a social platform your target audience uses. Here you can repost content from your own website onto your LinkedIn profile. If you manage to build up a following then you can have users setting up notifications to be alerted every time you make a new post.


3. Email

People tend to forget about email because it has been around for so long, but it still works! While you won’t get a backlink using this method, you still are likely to increase the traffic to your site.

The most important part is your headline. If you don’t grab user’s attention then they won’t click through to read what is in the body of your text. Email subscribers tend to be more loyal and potentially even share your content on their own social media accounts, meaning less work for you!


4. Twitter

There are a number of different ways you can share content through Twitter. You can share using your brand or business account, your personal account or even through a Twitter chat. If you are using Twitter as a channel to reach more customers then why not give all three options a try.

Just remember not to bombard users with Tweets, or chats, this will only deter them. A couple of times a week is appropriate and you should also look to respond to any users that engage with the post or chat.


5. Facebook

The same goes for Facebook, you can share via a business account, personal account or Facebook Group. If you find most of your target audience is active on Facebook then this is the channel to focus on. Try not to spread yourself too thin when it comes to sharing on social media.


6. Reddit

Be careful when using Reddit to promote your content. Users of Reddit are very wary of businesses using the online platform to spam them with things that don’t really want to know about.

The articles you choose to share on Reddit need provide real value to anyone who reads it. As well as this, make sure you are using Reddit for more than just uploading posts about your content. This will show to others that you are genuine about the platform and actually want to build a following.


7. SlideShare

SlideShare is basically like a PowerPoint presentation and works well to get the main points of your content across in a more visually appealing way. Changing the format of your content can mean grabbing the attention of more (and different) people.


8. YouTube


People are more likely to engage with video content so if you have the resources, why not try your hand at making some videos. They don’t have to be made with expensive tools or a production team; just a simple video explaining the content is enough.