Common Setbacks For Homeowners Using an Unreliable Hot Water Cylinder

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Residents have no time for setbacks when it comes to installing and running their hot water cylinder.

From natural gas, electrical and solar models that are promoted on the market, homeowners are free to select an option from The Cylinder Guy that best suits their needs.

Yet there will be those who simply opt for convenience and are handed an unreliable brand that creates unwanted setbacks.

This is a discussion on that cautionary tale.


No Scalability For Upgrading or Downgrading

Residents will be able to reach out to a hot water cylinder provider and outline how many people they have to meet their hot water needs. A rough estimate will outline that 50L is required for each individual on a daily basis and that should be a solid framework for making a product choice. However, there will be children who move out, children who are brought in and parents who will putting homes on the market or changing their circumstances to sublet part of their domain. If this is the scenario, then those daily requirements will shift and having the capability to upgrade or downgrade a system will be paramount. Unreliable brands won’t be able to meet this challenge as shoppers will be stuck with the model they’ve purchased.


Poor Level of Energy Efficiency

The energy rating of a hot water cylinder gives local consumers a healthy gauge over how well it will be able to utilise its water resource without churning through extensive energy consumption. Not only is this a domain that is important for the health and wellbeing of the environment, but it is a great way to manage the household bill when that arrives on a monthly or quarterly basis. The higher this marker stands for residents, the shorter the lifespan of the product which creates a costly exercise on all fronts.


Lack of Future Proofing Capabilities

For those homeowners who do not have the latest in cutting edge technology for a hot water cylinder, they will at least want to have their premises prepared for a transition to a fresh solar installation in the coming months or years. Unreliable brands won’t prepare homeowners for such a transition as they will simply place an item in the desired location without any concern for establishing that infrastructure. Future proofing is now something of a common practice and when a relationship is created between the business and the customer, they can offer this service to help make that switch easier.


No Warranty Protection

Residents need to be protected with an investment as key as a hot water cylinder and that will often be showcased through a comprehensive warranty. This legally-binding contract gives homeowners the chance to obtain a replacement or repairs free of charge if there is a fault that is sourced from the end of the manufacturer. They can last anywhere between 12 months to 10 or 20 years depending on the policy of the outlet, but this initiative is designed to cover any element of oversight on their behalf. Unreliable operations won’t meet this need or at the very least will offer a minimal warranty that restricts assistance beyond the embryotic set up phase.


Lack of Quality Customer Service

One of the hallmarks of an unreliable hot water cylinder can be sourced through the provider and their inability to offer quality customer service. From a lack of a single point of contact to delaying and missing repair appointments and offering no assistance or solutions to immediate problems, residents can feel isolated and neglected with this type of oversight. Consumers should feel as though their problem is considered a priority and there will be help provided at the quickest possible time.



Ultimately homeowners hold the power when it comes to selecting a hot water cylinder that is reliable. Irrespective of the brand and the quality of the installation team, residents should ensure they are protected and have access to an item that will deliver long-term value.